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ascii text in title

AS-ASCII Text Create ASCII text from plain text.
Size: 183.26K
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editor edit create text ASCII create ASCII plain ascii  
Replace Ascii & Text Utility Replace Ascii & Text Utility lets you find and replace text files
Size: 1.3 MB
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replace text ASCII replace text text replace find text  
RH-Int-2-Text-Ascii This module outputs the ascii character table left and right
Size: 25 KB
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Module ASCII SynthEdit Module SynthEdit ASCII Character  
ASCII Text File Sequence Redundance Dump An ASCII file dump method.
Size: 40 KB
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dump ASCII File to ASCII CCE/IFOEdit method image dump  
All in one text-hex-binary-octal-ascii converter All in one text-hex-binary-octal-ascii converter
Size: 2.02 MB
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hex converter ascii converter hex value converter  
ASCII Text Files Folder Search Routine This is a fast text search routine that allows file folders tree search
Size: 42 KB
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searcher directory routine Folder Search  

ascii text in tags

JASCiiArt JASCiiArt allows you to convert an image to an ascii picture.
Size: 66 KB
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text image ASCII Art ASCII image to ascii convert picture  
Textaizer ASCII art to its limits: paint with text and create photorealistic effects
Size: 3 MB
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font text ASCII ascii text Rim Random picture from text  
TxtImg A program to help you create text images, known also as ASCII art.
Size: 256 KB
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text Create ASCII Art ASCII Art ASCII image to ascii  
Tabin Convert spaces to tabs in an ASCII text file.
Size: 68 KB
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Converter Text Converter ASCII ascii text ASCII Text file  
Tabout Converts tabs to spaces in an ASCII text file.
Size: 69 KB
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Converter ASCII ascii converter ascii text ASCII Text file  
TXTABLE Creates tables from an ASCII text input file
Size: 83 KB
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ASCII input YM file text input ascii text text alignment  

ascii text in description

ASCII Art Studio 2.1.1 ASCII Art Studio is a powerful ASCII editor. You can edit ASCII Art by graphic editing mode or text editing mode. You can save the ASCII Art you made as picture or output it to a printer. You can also...
Size: 0.93 MB
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Create ASCII Art ASCII Art make convert ASCII ASCII to XML  
ImageToASCII ImageToascii is essentially an image editor. It takes any input image and converts it into ASCII Art. ASCII art consists of text characters (letters, numbers) arranged to show a picture. Specific char...
Size: 625.28K
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convert Image Editor image Create ASCII Art ASCII Art  
JeRM Image To ASCII Art ..) and tune a few parameters, then click the Image-To-ASCII button to see the ASCII art. ASCII art is the use of text characters such as letters, numbers and punctuation marks to display an image. Th...
Size: 594 KB
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Create ASCII Art ASCII Art ASCII image to ascii  
Alternate's ASCII Artist ASCII Artist is an ASCII Art Generator - an open-source software which can help you convert an image into a plain text file that resembles the image used to create it. After all, if a picture speaks a...
Size: 1.4 MB
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convert Create generate Create ASCII Art ASCII Art  
Bitmap to Ascii Here is the official description for Bitmap to Ascii: EditBy Bitmap to ASCII Converter creates ascii Art text images using letters, characters and symbols. The text can be in colour or just black, and...
Size: 290KB
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Text Convertor Text Convertor is a program designed to convert text / string /char / character to ascii and Hex or Hexadecimal. It also convert ASCII to Text and Hex or Hexadecimal or Hex or Hexadecimal to Text and ...
Size: 432 KB
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Converter convert Text Converter Convert Text convertion